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Gambler's Choice is pleased to announce we are going GREEN in a big way!

Solar Deal Success

We have signed a deal with CNC Solar to make the most of the back side of our facility a very large solar panel array. Paperwork, permits, etc are all currently being processed.
Current estimates are that installation will take place around mid May and will take 3 to 4 weeks.

We will be installing a 28.5kw Solar Array which will consist of 124 panels, and will be installed over a new storage barn.
The system will produce approximately 32,062kWh per year and offset about 52,684lbs of CO2 on an annual basis.

We will update this section as events unfold. We are quite pleased to be participating in alternative energy solutions and look forward to this next big step.

Install_panel New Panels

System Turn On Ribbon Cutting

Ribbon Cutting ceremony with Governor Markell and senior state Senator Carper, along with the the owner of C&C Solar

Media Coverage

Media Article in Delaware State News

Gambler' Choice Equestrian Center's News is here to provide information concerning our facility. From news and media print to simple changes made in the day to day operation, this is were we will post that information. Changes in our facilities, new equipment, and various other news of importance are posted here for both our regular visitors but also for visiting teams and out of state folks who may be in the area and need to familurize themselves with our establishment.

Field Upgrades

December 2010: Fencing. Between the delicious grass on the other side, cribbing, and horse play, the fencing has been taking a beating. To help keep the fencing solid we have installed electric fence wiring to all the fields. This will help keep the fencing in good shape and prevent a lot of problems. Several miles of wire and insulators was no small undertaking.

Electric Fence

July 2010: Something that may not be noticed and at the same time very important, is the condition of our fields. It is a constant battle to maintain the fields especially during the summer months when growth is at it's peak. Ironically, the fields outgrow the horses. Keeping 30 plus acres under control is no small issue. Say hello to our new friend. The combination of the tractor and mowing device, we have a wonderful new tool to help keep the fields ideal for the horses and growth under control.

New Tractor

Jun 2009: Testing of herbicides and fertilizers was conducted on our smallest field with very positive results. We increased field yeild by almost 40%.

Dec 2008: After repairs to fencing and installation of gates, we have opened up another 5 acres of grazing pasture to provide more grazing.

Field Upgrade

Facility Upgrades

January 2012: New Hay storage barn, big new solar system, what else can we say?

New Barn

Install Panels

New Solar System!

November 2010: Well, if outlets make sense in the 10-stall barn, it should also make sense in the main barn also. Make it so.

Main Barn Outlets

October 2010: During the summer we had fans on each of the stall doors to help move air. The extention cords were a pain. We realized a few outlets would be very helpfull for summer fans, clippers, and a hundred other things. Well, we did more than just think about it!

Ten Stall Outlets

October 2010: Ya know. . .if we have electric in the ten stall now. . . .wouldn't it be nice if we had it also in the west side? But of course!

West Side Outlets

October 2010: We had a dark unlighted area on the back side of the ten stall, so we installed some new floods. The winter months it gets dark so much faster and this will be one of those un-noticed and very convienent upgrades that will be appreciated.

Ten Stall Light 2

August 2010: Last year we had new asphault put down, this year we sealed it to help protect the roadway. Winters are pretty rough on the roads and we wanted to keep the pathways in and out nice and smooth. Not to mention it looks pretty good!

Driveway Sealer

March 2010: We are going "Green" with LED lighting where possible. Barn outdoor floods and "always on" indoor safety lights were ideal candidates for this impressive new lighting!

Lighting Upgrade

Lighting Upgrade

Dec 2009: We installed roadway material to the pastures to improve the pathing for turn out.

Roadway Upgrade

Roadway Upgrade2

May 2009: Something that will not be obvious but much welcomed is the terrain modifications done this summer to better control water heavy rains. Property drainage has been improved 5 fold with adjustments made.

Dec 2008: With winter also comes darker evenings. To improve safety and to provide better horse care, we have installed dusk-to-dawn lighting at the back turnout field gates. We are sure that everyone will welcome this improvement.

Lighting Upgrade

Dec 2008: As we all know winter is here and with winter comes freezing temperatures. In order to provide a higher level of equine care, Gambler's Choice has had electric run to all the turnout fields. This will allow us to run tank heaters in all the horse troughs to prevent freezing and provide drinkable water for the horses.

Electric Upgrade

Dec 2008: We have recently built a new bulk bedding bin to increase both the quantity and quality of bedding provided for equine care.

Shaving Upgrade

Barn Upgrades

Febuary 2012: We have added long range wifi to our facility. Many have smartphones and need the wifi to better manage their time and communications. We wanted to make sure everyeone was able to spend some time and still manage their personal lives.


March 2010: On the West side we replaced bad boards and painted it white for better lighting.

Improved Wash Stall

November 2009: On the East side we replaced bad boards, installed a light, and painted it white for better lighting.

Improved Wash Stall

August 2009: Damaged doors have been rebuilt and painted.

Fixed Sliding Doors

August 2009: Over time the bulbs burn out, we had seven to replace.

Fixed Arena Lighting

July 2009: This summer we continued our improvements related to our 10 stall barn with the following:

  • Exterior repainted
  • All stalls were stripped and flooring removed, cleaned, repaired and re-installed
  • All stalls were pressure washed and sealed to improve cleanliness
  • All interior areas were pressure washed and sealed
  • Feed room was stripped, pressure washed, all feed related items cleaned and stocked
  • Tack room was cleaned and re-organized
  • Most of this work will not be obvious but readily noticed. We are proud to provide the highest quality stalls possible.

    10 Stall Paint

    June 2009: With summer also comes higher temperatures. To improve safety and to provide better horse care, we have installed automatic fans in the ten stall. This will evacuate the excess heat and help maintain a far more comfortable stall. We are sure the horses will appreciate this one.

    Temperature Control

    Temperature Control

    Dec 2008: New concrete flooring has been poured for the ten stall to make cleaning and maintenance far easier. Soon to be poured will be a conrete entrance to help alleviate the standing water problems. Entrance pad will include a drain and make trailor loading a lot easier.

    Ten Stall Upgrade

    Ten Stall Upgrade

    Ten Stall Upgrade

    Ten Stall Upgrade

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