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Gambler' Choice Equestrian Center's Lesson Program offers something for everyone, whether a very beginning student or someone who has been riding and showing for years. We offer private, as well as semi-private and group lessons and recommend that students partake in at least one lesson per week to ensure consistent progress. Thanks to our indoor arena, these lessons can continue year round, regardless of the weather.


Because safety is our number one concern, each student's lesson program is designed specifically for them with their experience, abilities and goals in mind. Students who do not have a horse of their own are matched with one of our lesson horses, all of whom are safe, experienced, well trained and schooled regularly by Kim Chick, our head trainer.

For very beginning and young students, we recommend starting with private lessons. These are available for either 30 minutes or 1 hour. The half hour format is a good starting point for very young riders as it minimizes time and financial commitments, while maximizing time in the saddle. Students will learn how to groom and tack the horse they are assigned.

For older students and those ready to move on from the 30 minute format, 1 hour private lessons extend time in the saddle as well as including education on grooming, tacking and other ground work with and around horses. As students progress, their instructor may offer the option of moving to a semi-private or group lesson format. These lessons both follow the 1 hour format and include either 2 (semi-private) or 3 or more (group) riders of similar abilities.

Appropriate Riding Attire

Again, with safety in mind, we offer the following guidelines for appropriate dress while riding with us at Gambler's Choice Equestrian Center:

SEI/ASTM Helmets must be worn by ALL RIDERS when mounted. Gambler's Choice provides helmets for our beginning students until they have the opportunity to purchase their own.
Proper footwear is required. Boots should have a hard sole and 1/2" heel. Paddock boots are recommended.
Straight leg jeans are appropriate for beginning lessons. Students may find that breeches or jodphurs are more comfortable as they progress.
T-shirts, polos and the like are appropriate top layers. As the weather cools, students will want to add sweatshirts, polar fleece and/or waist length jackets for warmth.
Riding gloves are appropriate for all riders, year round.

Lesson Rates

1 Hour Private Contact Us
1 Hour Group Lesson (3 or more) $35
4 Group Lessons Package (one month) $120

Equestrian Facilities

All lessons are to be scheduled by calling 302.632.9777 and making arrangements with "Kim Chick".

All lessons are to be paid in full at the time of the lesson in cash or check made payable to "Kim Chick".

All indoor arena fees are to be paid in full at the time of the lesson in cash or check made payable to "Gambler's Choice".

All boarding fees are to be paid in full by the 5th of each month in cash or check made payable to "Gambler's Choice".

Please take a moment to look at Barn Rules

ALL Riders PLEASE read!!!!

Your safety is our primary concern. The world of equestrian can be a very enjoyable sport. But like all sports, accidents and injuries are part of the sport. In the case of dealing with the size and power of horses, it is even more concerning. We would like to make sure that we do everything possible to make riding and enjoying this sport as safe as possible. However, there are times when a rider is thrown from a horse. Should medical attention be required, medical staff routinely ask personal questions related to the person injured. These questions are usually related to allegies to any types of medication, any existing medical conditions, medication, etc. These questions are asked by first reponders in order to provide you the injured PRODUCTIVE care and make best attempt to avoid treatment that could be counter productive. With these issues in mind, we are currently creating a medical information sheet. Shortly we will ask that all riders taking lessons, and any riders mounted in general have their medical sheet pulled and available as much as their helmet and boots as part of their riding process. Should you have a situation that requires medical attention, this will allow us to work with the EMT staff to warn them of any issues, answer their questions, and contact someone you list to make family and or friends aware of the situation. We would like to make sure that we are able to assist anyone who should suddenly find themselves in need of attention to the best of our ability. For obvious reasons we ask everyone to make this a priority and a personal responsibility to make sure that information is readily available whenever you ride.

Thank you for your time and diligence in this safety issue.
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