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Equine Boarding Program

Full Care Horse Boarding

Managed Stabling

Hunt Seat/Equitation Training

12' x 12' Matted Stalls w/Shavings

3 Tack Rooms

Separated Fenced Paddocks

Managed Pastures

Daily Individual Attention

Quality Nutrition

Located near:
Harrington Fairgrounds, Dover Downs, & Wilmington

Gambler's Choice LLC
238 Grey Fox Lane
Dover, DE 19901-1060

Hours: 7AM - 9PM
Telephone: (302) 653-0777
Cell: (302) 632-9777
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Barn Rules

Boarding Horses

Gambler's Choice Equestrain Center, LLC offers full care horse boarding. You can rest knowing that our managed stables provide the finest in care for you and your horse. Whether you prefer English Riding or Western Riding our farm is built for training horses of all breeds and for the enjoyment of safe horseback riding and preferred living quarters. All areas of the farm revolve around the barns and the stalls affording quality lodging with easy access and convenience to the arenas, pastures and trails. This farm is private and quiet. Relax and enjoy your horse training and trail riding in the care of Gambler's Choice.

Individual Quality Care

Horses living on this farm have access to an indoor 12' x 12' matted stall with shavings that are picked and cleaned daily along with paddocks and pastures that are maintained each day. Separated daily feedings in designated individual areas insure that those boarding have healthy appetites and receive their daily food rations. Turn-out to pasture takes place in grouped herds separated by gelding and mares, where they have access to fertile pastures, fresh hay when needed and clean water. We follow owner instructions in regards to stabling according to preferences and weather conditions. Special requests will be charged for accordingly. Each horse receives daily personal contact in order to evaluate general health and condition. Our goal is to provide access to daily exercise, quality nutrition, and personal contact.

Barns and Sheds

East Barn

The East Barn consists of (8) 12' by 12' stalls, a wash stall with hot and cold water, a laundry room, bathroom, tack room, feed room, lounge & office.

West Barn

The West Barn consists of (8) 12' by 12' stalls, (2) 10' by 12' stalls, wash stall, tack room, feed room, bay, and storage room.

10 Stall Barn

This barn has (10) 12'x12' stalls, a tack room, and feed room.

Fields 10 Stall Barn

Equine Veterinarians and Ferrier Service

Local equine veterinarians, local farriers and floating (dentistry) schedules* routinely visit Gambler's Choice. Boarders are responsible for making their own individual arrangements. All horses that come to the farm are required to have semi-annual vaccinations from contagious diseases, routine worm control, and an annual coggins negative report.

Required Vaccinations

  • Potomac Horse Fever, PHF
  • Rhino/Flu
  • Tetanus
  • Rabies
  • West Nile

In the event emergency veterinarian services are required, Gambler's Choice will make best effort to contact owner and their designated veterinarian, if applicable. In the event neither the owner nor designated veterinarian can be reached, Gambler's Choice will contact the Veterinarian available.

Boarder is responsible for all associated veterinarian charges.

* You are welcome to use your regular ferrier, veterinarian and/or floater, or we can schedule an appointment with the professionals we use.

Horse Training

The 100' x 200' indoor riding arena is raked and watered regularly for optimum conditions. The 150' x 300' outdoor fenced arena has deeper sand for lunging and for power training. A selection of raised cross rails, letters and cones are available to help you simulate a competitive atmosphere during your training sessions. The riding trails are plush. There are many logs to cross on the trails along with nice hills and valleys. There's ample parking, over 15 acres of pasture with full-sized outdoor sheds, a round pen, many watering buckets across the property, and most every amenity you could want to enjoy your horses.

All of our facilities and services have been created with the safety and happiness of our boarders and their horses in mind. We pride ourselves on having a friendly and professional atmosphere as well as striving to constantly improve and update our facilities to set a standard of excellence.

Equestrian Facilities

Gambler's Choice Equestrian Center features 28 stalls, with 3 tack stalls and a wash stall with hot water. On-site laundry room, heated lounge, and bathroom.

All stalls include sliding doors and all have rubber mats. Both indoor and outdoor arenas feature elevated judges stands, along with a on-site PA system for events. Our 100' x 200' clear span indoor arena allows for all weather riding and a 150' x 300' outdoor sand arena.


  • 150'x300' Sand Arena
  • 100'x200' Lighted Indoor Arena
  • English Jumps
  • Western Training Tools
  • 60' Round Pen
  • + Great trails and places to ride.

Please take a moment to look at Barn Rules

Boarding Rates

Full Board $525 per Month Full board includes daily stall cleaning, grain 2 times per day (along with any supplements that owners provide), hay & water. All horses receive daily turnout. Use of facilities included based on availability.
Self Care $400 per Month Self Care is a fixed option. Should you desire more than the self care levels then full board is required
Overnight Stalls $40 per Night  

All new arrivals and guests will be temporarily stationed in our 10 stall horse barn and separated paddocks. These areas are temporary isolation zones which help to protect the resident herd. Isolation sections reside at the back of the property and offer the same premium quality stalls as those for resident horses.

Equestrian Facilities

All lessons are to be scheduled by calling 302.632.9777 and making arrangements with "Kim Chick".

All lessons are to be paid in full at the time of the lesson in cash or check made payable to "Kim Chick".

All indoor arena fees are to be paid in full at the time of the lesson in cash or check made payable to "Gambler's Choice".

All boarding fees are to be paid in full by the 5th of each month in cash or check made payable to "Gambler's Choice".

Please take a moment to look at Barn Rules

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